Kelly  Collins
October 15, 2021
Kelly Collins, 73, Clayhole passed away Friday, October 15, at the Hazard Appalachian Regional Hospital. He was the son...
Belvia Combs
October 1, 2021
Belvia Combs, 76, Hardshell passed away Friday, October 1, at the St. Joseph Hospital in Lexington. She was the widow o...
Sally Combs
September 30, 2021
Sally Combs, 78, passed away Thursday, September 30, at the Hazard ARH. She was a member of the United Baptist Church. S...
Susan Gross Combs
September 27, 2021
Susan Gross Combs, 46, Jackson passed away Monday, September 27, at her residence. She was a member of the Bach Memoria...
Pauline Hollan
September 25, 2021
Pauline Hollan, 85, Jackson passed away Saturday, September 25, at her residence. She was the widow of the late Charles...
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