Miccah Alexander Southwood
February 12, 2021
Miccah Alexander Southwood, 22, passed away Friday, February 12 in Jackson KY. Alex was born March 22, 1998 in Hazard K...
Jonathan Eric Roberts
February 12, 2021
Jonathan Eric Roberts, 52, Lost Creek passed away Friday, February 12, at the Hazard Hospital. He was the son of the la...
Dorothy Lyn Ritchie
February 11, 2021
The funeral has been rescheduled for Wednesday, Februay 17, 1:00PM weather permitting. Dorothy Lyn Yvonne Ritchie, 39...
Crussie White
February 10, 2021
Crussie White, 62, Jackson passed away Wednesday, February 10, at the Wells Hospice Care Center in Hazard. He was a mem...
Clay Fugate
February 9, 2021
Clay Fugate, 78, Lost Creek passed away Tuesday, February 9, at his residence at Lost Creek. He was the son of the late ...
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